Bioguided extraction of polyphenols from grape marc by using an alternative supercritical-fluid extraction method based on a liquid solvent trap

Palenzuela, B.; Arce, L.; Macho, A.; Muñoz, E.; Ríos, A.; Valcárcel, M.
April 2004
Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry;Apr2004, Vol. 378 Issue 8, p2021
Academic Journal
The biological activity of polyphenols extracted from grape marc was studied with a view to finding a new use for this winery waste. Polyphenols were extracted by using an alternative supercritical-fluid extraction method based on the use of a liquid trap that allows extracted polyphenols to be retained in a saline buffer, thus avoiding the need for the organic solvent required to elute polyphenols from a solid trap. The major extraction variables influencing the performance of the liquid trap (viz. CO2 modifier content, flow-rate, extraction time and trap volume) were optimized. The proposed method was applied to the supercritical-fluid extraction extraction of 0.3 g grape marc with CO2 modified with 3% methanol at 350 bar at 50 °C (CO2 density 0.9 g mL-1) for 20 min, using a liquid flow-rate of 0.9 mL min-1. The polyphenol extracts thus obtained exhibited cytotoxic effects that induced apoptosis in tumour cells.


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