NADH Oxidation by Mitochondria from the Thermogenic Plant Arum orientale

Bertsova, Yu. V.; Popov, V.N.; Bogachev, A.V.
May 2004
Biochemistry (00062979);May2004, Vol. 69 Issue 5, p580
Academic Journal
The enzyme content of the mitochondrial respiratory chain was investigated in the heat-producing plant Arum orientale. It is shown that mitochondria isolated from thermogenic tissues of this plant (with respect to non-thermogenic tissues of A. orientale or to Zea mays) demonstrate significantly elevated levels of activities of two non-coupled NADH dehydrogenases oxidizing intramitochondrial and cytoplasmic NADH pools. It is postulated that operation of a completely non-coupled respiratory chain consisting of non-coupled NADH:quinone oxidoreductases and cyanide-resistant alternative quinoloxidase is the main mechanism of heat production in thermogenic plants.


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