Weak anti-localization of the two-dimensional electron gas in modulation-doped AlxGa1-xN/GaN heterostructures with two subbands occupation

Lu, J.; Shen, B.; Tang, N.; Chen, D. J.; Zhao, H.; Liu, D. W.; Zhang, R.; Shi, Y.; Zheng, Y. D.; Qiu, Z. J.; Gui, Y. S.; Zhu, B.; Yao, W.; Chu, J. H.; Hoshino, K.; Arakawa, Y.
October 2004
Applied Physics Letters;10/11/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 15, p3125
Academic Journal
Weak anti-localization of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in a modulation-doped Al0.22Ga0.78N/GaN single heterostructure has been investigated through magnetoresistance measurements at low temperatures. The elastic scattering time Ï„e, dephasing time Ï„[lowercase_phi_synonym] and spin-orbit scattering time Ï„so at various temperatures are obtained. When the second subband in the triangular quantum well at the heterointerface is occupied by the 2DEG, the weak anti-localization is observed clearly, which is thought to be due to the strong spin-orbit effect induced by the intersubband scattering. The spin-orbit effect and the intersubband scattering become stronger with increasing temperature.


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