Temperature-dependent photovoltaic effects in the manganite-based heterojunction

Sun, J.R.; Shen, B.G.; Sheng, Z.G.; Sun, Y.P.
October 2004
Applied Physics Letters;10/18/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 16, p3375
Academic Journal
Strong temperature-dependent photovoltaic effects have been observed in the heterojunction composed of a La0.32Pr0.35Ca0.33MnO3 (LPCM) film and a 0.5 wt % Nb-doped SrTiO3 substrate. The photovoltage shows a monotonic increase with the decrease of temperature, and its relative change can be as large as ∼7000% for a modest light intensity of 20 mW (wavelength=632 nm) when cooled from room temperature down to 17 K. The synchronous variation of photovoltage and the magnetization of LPCM indicates the magnetic origin of the temperature dependence of the photovoltaic effect. It is suggested that the temperature affects the photovoltaic effect by modifying the magnetic order, then the band structure of LPCM. An enhancement of the photovoltaic effect under strong light illumination is also observed, which is probably a result of illumination-induced change of the band structure of LPCM.


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