The switching properties of patterned synthetic ferrimagnetic structures

Janesky, J.; Rizzo, N. D.; Engel, B. N.; Tehrani, S.
September 2004
Applied Physics Letters;9/20/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 12, p2289
Academic Journal
We investigated the switching properties of patterned submicrometer synthetic ferromagnetic (SF) Ni65Fe15Co20(t1 nm)/Ru 0.8 nm/Ni65Fe15Co20(t2 nm) tri-layers. By changing t1 and t2, the shape anisotropy field, Hksh∝|t1-t2|, was changed from 36 to 18 Oe, and the effective material anisotropy field, Hkeff,∝α=(t1+t2)/|t1-t2|, was changed from 28 to over 60 Oe. We found that a hard axis field, Hhd, is less effective at reducing the easy axis switching field, Hsw, as α is increased, with α=3.7 requiring twice the relative magnitude of Hhd for the same relative reduction in Hsw as a single magnetic layer. In addition, by repeating the basic SF tri-layer structure in circular elements, we demonstrated improved stability against thermal activation by a factor of 2 with no associated increase in Hsw.


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