Photoinduced magnetic memory effect in an iron (II) spin-crossover complex

Hongwu Liu; Akira Fujishima; Osamu Sato
September 2004
Applied Physics Letters;9/20/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 12, p2295
Academic Journal
We report a bidirectional reversible light-induced excited spin state trapping (LIESST) effect featuring an associated memorey effect in an Fe(II) spin-crossover complex [FeL(CN)2]·H2O (where L is a Schiff-base macrocyclic ligand). Depending on the illumination history, bidirectional LIESST processes have been successfully observed that are induced by irradiation with the same two wavelengths. A large zero-point energy difference, strong overlapping spectra of the high-spin and low-spin bands and image internal pressure could account for this photomagnetic phenomenon.


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