Uncompensated spins in a micro-patterned CoFeB/MnIr exchange bias system

T. Eimüller; T. Kato; T. Mizuno; S. Tsunashima; C. Quitmann; T. Ramsvik; S. Iwata; G. Schütz
September 2004
Applied Physics Letters;9/20/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 12, p2310
Academic Journal
The element specific domain configuration of a microstructured Co86Fe10B4/Mn77Ir23/Ni80Fe20/Si3N4 exchange bias film was studied by photoemission electron microscopy using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. In the dots the magnetization shows less preferred orientation along the exchange bias direction than in unstructured areas. Uncompensated Mn spins at the CoFeB/MnIr interface with an antiferromagnetic coupling between the Mn and the Co magnetic moments could be studied by imaging and spectromicroscopy.


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