Associated Strangeness Production at COSY-TOF

Wagner, Marc
August 2004
AIP Conference Proceedings;2004, Vol. 717 Issue 1, p881
Academic Journal
The associated strangeness production in elementary hadron-hadron collisions is investigated exclusively in reactions of the type pp→KYN (Y=Λ,Σ) at the external COSY beam using the time-of-flight spectrometer COSY-TOF. The design of the apparatus allows a complete track reconstruction of all charged particles leading to the extraction of the total cross sections and differential observables of the mentioned reactions. Especially the Dalitz analysis of the reaction pp→K+Λp shows a strong contribution of N∗ resonances with varying strengths depending on the excess energy. Moreover, a strong evidence of a possible exotic penta quark resonance has been observed in the reaction pp→K0Σ+p at a significance level of about 5σ.


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