Ballistic electron emission luminescence spectroscopy of an InAs quantum dot heterostructure

Yi, Wei; Appelbaum, Ian; Russell, K. J.; Narayanamurti, V.; Hanson, M. P.; Gossard, A. C.
September 2004
Applied Physics Letters;9/13/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 11, p1990
Academic Journal
We present ballistic electron emission luminescence (BEEL) spectroscopy measurements of an InAs quantum dot (QD) heterostructure based on three-terminal hot electron injection using a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and a planar tunnel-junction transistor. Due to higher injected current, the planar transistors allow us to perform wavelength spectroscopy of the emitted luminescence, which resolves both quantum-confined Stark-shifted QD luminescence near 1.34 eV and bulk GaAs luminescence at 1.48 eV. This facilitates interpretation of STM BEEL spectra as a function of collector voltage bias. By freezing out the collector leakage current at low temperatures, consistent collector-current spectra are acquired with both STM and planar transistors.


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