Distribution of α and β phases in the coexistence regime in MnAs(0001) layers grown on GaAs(111)B

Takagaki, Y.; Wiebicke, E.; Däweritz, L.; Ploog, K. H.
August 2004
Applied Physics Letters;8/30/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 9, p1505
Academic Journal
The discontinuous change in the lattice constant that occurs at the first-order phase transition between α- and β-MnAs gives rise to a coexistence of the two phases in MnAs layers grown on GaAs substrates. When the GaAs substrates are oriented in the (111)B direction, the c axis of MnAs is aligned normal to the growth plane. We identify the domain structure of α- and β-MnAs for this crystal orientation by utilizing the different reactivities of the two phases against wet chemical etching. Submicrometer-size islands of α-MnAs are found to be interwoven in a honeycomblike network of β-MnAs. We also show that this domain structure combined with strain effects results in a formation of MnAs lumps by etching.


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