Spin-transfer effects in nanoscale magnetic tunnel junctions

Fuchs, G. D.; Emley, N. C.; Krivorotov, I. N.; Braganca, P. M.; Ryan, E. M.; Kiselev, S. I.; Sankey, J. C.; Ralph, D. C.; Buhrman, R. A.; Katine, J. A.
August 2004
Applied Physics Letters;8/16/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 7, p1205
Academic Journal
We report measurements of magnetic switching and steady-state magnetic precession driven by spin-polarized currents in nanoscale magnetic tunnel junctions with low-resistance, <5 Ω μm2, barriers. The current densities required for magnetic switching are similar to values for all-metallic spin-valve devices. In the tunnel junctions, spin-transfer-driven switching can occur at voltages that are high enough to quench the tunnel magnetoresistance, demonstrating that the current remains spin polarized at these voltages.


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