Absolute determination of film thickness from photoemission: Application to atomically uniform films of Pb on Si

Upton, M. H.; Miller, T.; Chiang, T.-C.
August 2004
Applied Physics Letters;8/16/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 7, p1235
Academic Journal
We report on a method to unequivocally determine the thickness of a film in terms of atomic layers, as demonstrated by a study of Pb growth on Si(111). Deposition at low temperatures on a pretreated Si substrate results in atomically uniform Pb films. These films exhibit large monolayer-by-monolayer variations in electronic structure as observed by angle-resolved photoemission. Intense and sharp peaks derived from quantum-well states are observed for odd film thicknesses N=5, 7, and 9 monolayers, but not for the adjacent even film thicknesses N=4, 6, 8, and 10 monolayers. The dramatic differences facilitate an accurate calibration of the amount of Pb deposited.


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