Systematic enhancement of in-field critical current density with rare-earth ion size variance in superconducting rare-earth barium cuprate films

MacManus-Driscoll, J. L.; Foltyn, S. R.; Jia, Q. X.; Wang, H.; Serquis, A.; Maiorov, B.; Civale, L.; Lin, Y.; Hawley, M. E.; Maley, M. P.; Peterson, D. E.
June 2004
Applied Physics Letters;6/28/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 26, p5329
Academic Journal
Enhanced in-field critical current densities (Jc's) have been obtained in epitaxial superconducting (RE1, RE2) Ba2Cu3O7-x (RE1=rare-earth ion 1, and RE2=rare earth ion 2) films grown on both single crystal and buffered metallic substrates. For a constant average RE ionic radius (equal to that of yttrium), there is a systematic dependence of the in-field Jc on the RE ion size variance, with a small, but nonzero, variance being optimum. Compared to the standard Yba2Cu3O7-x composition, a factor of two improvement in Jc (75.5 K) is reproducibly observed at 0.2 T (llc) for the composition Dyâ…“HOâ…”Ba2Cu3O7-x on both single crystal and buffered-metallic substrates. Angular dependent magnetic field studies and transmission electron microscopy indicate the presence of additional pointlike random defects.


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