The heart of matter

Lee, Andrew
June 2004
Engineer (00137758);6/11/2004, Vol. 293 Issue 7653, p14
No abstract available.


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  • Symmetry-based recoupling in double-rotation NMR spectroscopy. Brinkmann, Andreas; Kentgens, Arno P. M.; Anupõld, Tiit; Samoson, Ago // Journal of Chemical Physics;11/7/2008, Vol. 129 Issue 17, p174507 

    In this contribution, we extend the theory of symmetry-based pulse sequences of types CNnν and RNnν in magic-angle-spinning nuclear resonance spectroscopy [M. H. Levitt, in Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, edited by D. M. Grant and R. K. Harris (Wiley, Chichester, 2002), Vol....

  • Cross-polarization phenomena in the NMR of fast spinning solids subject to adiabatic sweeps. Sungsool Wi; Zhehong Gan; Schurko, Robert; Frydman, Lucio // Journal of Chemical Physics;2015, Vol. 142 Issue 6, p1 

    Cross-polarization magic-angle spinning (CPMAS) experiments employing frequency-swept pulses are explored within the context of obtaining broadband signal enhancements for rare spin S = 1/2 nuclei at very high magnetic fields. These experiments employ adiabatic inversion pulses on the S-channel...

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    Basic wave-particle interaction dynamics from linear to chaotic regimes is experimentally studied on a frequency tunable gyrotron generating THz radiation in continuous mode (200 W) at 263 GHz which will be used for dynamic nuclear polarization nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy...

  • High frequency (140 GHz) dynamic nuclear polarization: Polarization transfer to a solute in frozen aqueous solution. Gerfen, G. J.; Becerra, L. R.; Hall, D. A.; Griffin, R. G.; Temkin, R. J.; Singel, D. J. // Journal of Chemical Physics;6/22/1995, Vol. 102 Issue 24, p9494 

    Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) transfers the large polarization of unpaired electrons to nuclei and thus significantly enhances the signal strength in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. High frequency/field (140 GHz/5 T) DNP has been implemented in solid state NMR experiments...

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    In this paper, naphtholic Schiff base 1-{[(4-nitrofenil) imino] metil}2-naftol (1), which was prepared of reaction 2-hydroxy-1-naphtaldehyde and 4-NO2 aniline were reacted with DMSO, I2, H2SO4 in the hope of preparing naphtholic Schiff base which was subtituted with iodine. Thin-layer...

  • High Throughput Experimentation: Novel Non-linear Rheological Parameters for Quality Control. Filipe, Susana; Klimke, Katja; Tran, Ahn Tuan; Reussner, Jens // AIP Conference Proceedings;7/17/2011, Vol. 1375 Issue 1, p114 

    Analytical techniques, e.g., rheology, fractionation, NMR, have been widely used all over the years to predict and gain insight into molecular topology, molecular weight, broadness of molecular weight distribution and flow behaviour. Particularly rheology is known to be an essential...


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