Stress field in sputtered thin films: Ion irradiation as a tool to induce relaxation and investigate the origin of growth stress

Debelle, A.; Abadias, G.; Michel, A.; Jaouen, C.
June 2004
Applied Physics Letters;6/14/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 24, p5034
Academic Journal
The stress state of sputtered Mo thin films was studied, and a detailed analysis of elastic strains, using x-ray diffraction and the “sin2 Ψ method,” was performed. The evolution of the lattice parameter under ion irradiation showed that the usual assumption of a biaxial stress state is not adequate to determine the true stress-free lattice parameter a0 of the film. An original stress model, including a hydrostatic component linked to volume distortions induced by point defects, is required. This model, which describes a triaxial stress field, allows a reliable determination of a0. Furthermore, ion irradiation was shown to be a powerful method for stress relaxation, providing a stress-free lattice parameter solely linked to chemical effects. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.


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