Magnetic-field-induced structural homogeneity of a phase-separated manganite

Gagliardi, M. S.; Ren, Y.; Mitchell, J. F.; Beno, M. A.
May 2004
Applied Physics Letters;5/31/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 22, p4538
Academic Journal
Magnetic field (MF) dependence of the phase separation (PS) in the manganite Pr0.65(Ca0.7Sr0.3)0.35MnO3 was studied using high-energy x-ray powder diffraction. The compound shows intrinsic inhomogeneities in the form of coexisting competing phases below a temperature Tc. Application of MFs not only eliminates the multiple phases below Tc but also significantly affects the structure above Tc. The MF-induced structural phase transition occurs abruptly at 2 K but is smooth at higher temperatures. Moreover, the MF dependence of some reflection intensities clearly indicates a complicated PS. This MF-induced homogeneity should play a key role in the colossal magnetoresistance effect. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.


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