Strong elasticoluminescence from monoclinic-structure SrAl2O4

Chao-Nan Xu; Yamada, Hiroshi; Xusheng Wang; Xu-Guang Zheng
April 2004
Applied Physics Letters;4/19/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 16, p3040
Academic Journal
Elastico-deformation luminescence in strontium aluminates was investigated systematically using precisely controlled pure-phase Eu-doped strontium aluminates of SrAl12O19, Sr4Al14O25, SrAl4O7, α-SrAl2O4, β-SrAl2O4, Sr3Al2O6 and their mixed phases. This study revealed that only the α-SrAl2O4 phase produces strong elastico-deformation luminescence; other strontium aluminates show no deformation luminescence. Correlation of deformation luminescence and crystal structure was found. The α-SrAl2O4 has the lowest symmetry, crystallizing in a monoclinic structure. This finding can be applied in designing strong elastico-deformation-luminescent materials. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.


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