On a Lower Bound for the Laplacian Eigenvalues of a Graph

Greaves, Gary; Munemasa, Akihiro; Peng, Anni
November 2017
Graphs & Combinatorics;Nov2017, Vol. 33 Issue 6, p1509
Academic Journal
If $$\mu _m$$ and $$d_m$$ denote, respectively, the m-th largest Laplacian eigenvalue and the m-th largest vertex degree of a graph, then $$\mu _m \geqslant d_m-m+2$$ . This inequality was conjectured by Guo (Linear Multilinear Algebra 55:93-102, 2007) and proved by Brouwer and Haemers (Linear Algebra Appl 429:2131-2135, 2008). Brouwer and Haemers gave several examples of graphs achieving equality, but a complete characterisation was not given. In this paper we consider the problem of characterising graphs satisfying $$\mu _m = d_m-m+2$$ . In particular we give a full classification of graphs with $$\mu _m = d_m-m+2 \leqslant 1$$ .


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