The First Cheeger Constant of a Simplex

Kozlov, Dmitry
November 2017
Graphs & Combinatorics;Nov2017, Vol. 33 Issue 6, p1543
Academic Journal
The coboundary expansion generalizes the classical graph expansion to the case of the general simplicial complexes, and allows the definition of the higher-dimensional Cheeger constants $$h_k(X)$$ for an arbitrary simplicial complex X, and any $$k\ge 0$$ . In this paper we investigate the value of $$h_1(\Delta ^{[n]})$$ -the first Cheeger constant of a simplex with n vertices. It is known, due to the pioneering work of Meshulam and Wallach [12], that and that the equality $$h_1(\Delta ^{[n]})=n/3$$ is achieved when n is divisible by 3. Here we expand on these results. First, we show that So the sharp equality holds on a set whose density goes to 1. Second, we show that In other words, as n goes to infinity, the value $$h_1(\Delta ^{[n]})-n/3$$ is either 0 or goes to 0 very rapidly. Our methods include recasting the original question in purely graph-theoretic language, followed by a detailed investigation of a specific graph family, the so-called staircase graphs. These are defined by associating a graph to every partition, and appear to be especially suited to gain information about the first Cheeger constant of a simplex.


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