Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit of CoSb[sub 3] via large-defect scattering

Shi, X.; Chen, L.; Yang, J.; Meisner, G.P.
March 2004
Applied Physics Letters;3/29/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 13, p2301
Academic Journal
We have measured the structural, chemical, and transport properties of a series of CoSb[sub 3] skutterudite samples modified by fullerene additions of 0, 0.52, 3.28, 3.90, 4.77, and 6.54 mass%. Fullerene is a 60-atom carbon molecule that forms microsize clusters between the grain boundaries of CoSb[sub 3]. We observed that the dominant scattering mechanism in the electrical transport changes from impurity scattering to grain-boundary scattering near a C[sub 60] content of ∼5–6 mass%, and that thermal conductivity decreases with increasing C[sub 60] content. A significant increase in the thermoelectric figure of merit is achieved for 6.54 mass% C[sub 60] compared to the pure CoSb[sub 3]. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.


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