Effect of doping and annealing on crystal structure and magnetic properties of La1-xAgxMnO3 magnetic nanoparticles

Zentková, M.; Antoňák, M.; Mihalik, M.; Mihalik, Jr., M.; Vavra, M.; Girman, V.; Fitta, M.; Briančin, J.
August 2017
Low Temperature Physics;Aug2017, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p990
Academic Journal
We study crystal structure and magnetic properties of La1-xAgxMnO3 nanopowders prepared by glycine-nitrate method. The particle size and crystal structure were modified by heat treatment. The average size of particle varies from about 26.6(4) nm for as prepared sample to 63.3(9) nm for annealed sample at 900 °C/2 h. Crystal structure changes from orthorhombic Pnma to rhombohedral R3c after annealing at 600 °C/2 h. The saturated magnetization ls and the Curie temperature TC increase with annealing; TC is more than doubled after annealing at 600 °C/2 h. Exchange bias phenomena were first observed on nanoparticles with orthorhombic crystal structure. The hysteresis loop shifts in horizontal and vertical direction after cooling in magnetic field 10Hcf ≠ 0 through TC. The values of exchange bias field l0HE, coercive field μ0Hc, remnant asymmetry lE and coercive magnetization lc increase with increasing value of cooling field l0Hcf. In addition the training effect was observed.


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