Magnetic phenomena in Co-containing layered double hydroxides

Vieira, Daniel E. L.; Salak, Andrei N.; Fedorchenko, Alexey V.; Pashkevich, Yurii G.; Fertman, Elena L.; Desnenko, Vladimir A.; Babkin, Roman Yu.; Čižmár, Erik; Feher, Alexander; Lopes, Augusto B.; Ferreira, Mário G. S.
August 2017
Low Temperature Physics;Aug2017, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p977
Academic Journal
Magnetic behavior of CoII(n)AlIII layered double hydroxides (LDHs) (n=Co/Al=2 and 3) intercalated with nitrate was studied as a function of temperature. Both LDH compounds are paramagnetic above about 8K. A rapid increase of their magnetic moments occurs below this temperature until the moments reach the maximum values at Tmax of 4.0K and 3.2K for Co(2)Al-NO3 and Co(3)Al-NO3, respectively. Below Tmax, the zero-field-cooled and the field-cooled static magnetization curves are strongly different. Along with this low-temperature phenomena, Co(2)Al-NO3 and Co(3)Al-NO3 demonstrate anomalous behavior of their temperature dependence magnetic susceptibility in a highertemperature range: between 75 and 175K, both the paramagnetic Curie temperature and the effective magnetic moment change in a non-monotonous way. Possible structural reasons of the observed magnetic behavior of the CoII(n)AlIII LDHs are discussed.


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