레이다용 C-대역 GaN 기반 고출력전력증폭장치 설계 및 제작

정형진; 박지웅; 진형석; 임재환; 박세준; 강민우; 강현철
September 2017
Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering & Sci;Sep2017, Vol. 28 Issue 9, p685
Academic Journal
In this paper, it is presented the result of design and fabrication for C-band solid state high power amplifier unit and components using in search radar. The solid state power amplifier(SSPA) assembly was fabricated using GaN(Gallium Nitride), which is semiconductor device, and the transmit signal output power of the solid state high power amplifier unit is generated by combining the transmit signal power of the solid state power amplifier configured in parallel through a design and fabricated waveguide type transmit signal combine assembler. Designed solid state high power amplifier unit demonstrated C-band 500 MHz bandwidth, maximum 10.5 % duty cycle, transmit pulse width from O.Ous~OOOus , and transmit signal power is 44.98 kW(76.53 dBm).


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