Mobile copper ions as heat carriers in polymorphous copper sulfide superionic conductors

Xin Liang
September 2017
Applied Physics Letters;9/25/2017, Vol. 111 Issue 13, p133902-1
Academic Journal
Liquid-like mobile Cu+ ions are generally considered as phonon scatters in copper chalcogenide superionic conductors, but this is recently disproved by a neutron spectroscopy study on lattice dynamics of Cu2Se compound [Voneshen et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 17, 118 (2017)]. In this work, we provide a different perspective by investigating the thermal transport of three transformable polymorphs of Cu2S compounds with varying Cu+ content. We show that the disordered and mobile Cu+ ions are not the primary factor for suppressing the heat transport. A notable dependence of thermal conductivity on Cu+ content is observed. By correlating the electrically deducted thermal conductivity with the ion motion behavior for β-Cu2S superionic phase, we reveal that these fast ionic species Cu+ are heat carriers instead, which make an appreciable contribution to thermal conduction.


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