Evidence for high stability against water corrosion of NdBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7±δ] relative to YBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7-δ] and EuBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7-δ]

Schougaard, Steen B.; Ali, Mehnaaz F.; McDevitt, John T.
February 2004
Applied Physics Letters;2/16/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 7, p1144
Academic Journal
While prior studies have revealed enhanced stability of Y[sub 0.6]Ca[sub 0.4]Ba[sub 1.6]La[sub 0.4]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7-δ] relative to YBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7-δ], this stabilization was brought about only at the expense of lower transition temperatures (T[sub C]∼80 versus 92 K). Similar prior attempts to optimize simultaneously both superconductivity properties and chemical stability with substitution only at the rare-earth site in REBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7] (RE=Y, Eu, Gd, etc.) resulted in little alteration of the observed reactivity/processability characteristics. In this letter, the corrosion reactivity of REBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7] (RE=Y, Eu, Nd) and Y[sub 0.6]Ca[sub 0.4]Ba[sub 1.6]La[sub 0.4]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7-δ] are examined. An unusually strong stabilization was noted for NdBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7±δ] (T[sub C,onset]>=92 K). This corrosion behavior for the RE=Nd phase is rationalized in terms of a structural model. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.


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