Enhanced weak Anderson localization phenomena in the magnetoresistance of n-type (Ga,In)(N,As)

Teubert, J.; Klar, P. J.; Heimbrodt, W.; Volz, K.; Stolz, W.; Thomas, P.; Leibiger, G.; Gottschalch, V.
February 2004
Applied Physics Letters;2/2/2004, Vol. 84 Issue 5, p747
Academic Journal
Ga[sub 1-y]In[sub y]N[sub x]As[sub 1-x] with doping densities between 10[sup 17] and 10[sup 19] cm[sup -3] was grown lattice matched on (100) GaAs by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy. Si or Te and Zn served as donors and acceptors, respectively. The magnetoresistance (MR) was measured between 1.6 and 280 K in magnetic fields up to 10 T. The MR of p-type Ga[sub 1-y]In[sub y]N[sub x]As[sub 1-x] is typical for highly doped III–V semiconductors showing parabolic behavior at all temperatures with a small negative contribution due to weak localization at low fields and low temperatures. In contrast, n-type Ga[sub 1-y]In[sub y]N[sub x]As[sub 1-x] exhibits a much stronger negative contribution to the MR. For some samples this negative contribution persists up to 280 K and H[sub min]>10 T. The N-induced conduction band structure changes lead to a strong enhancement of weak localization effects in the electron transport of Ga[sub 1-y]In[sub y]N[sub x]As[sub 1-x]. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.


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