Recent Methods for Purification and Structure Determination of Oligonucleotides

Qiulong Zhang; Huanhuan Lv; Lili Wang; Man Chen; Fangfei Li; Chao Liang; Yuanyuan Yu; Feng Jiang; Aiping Lu; Ge Zhang
December 2016
International Journal of Molecular Sciences;Dec2016, Vol. 17 Issue 12, p2134
Academic Journal
Aptamers are single-stranded DNA or RNA oligonucleotides that can interact with target molecules through specific three-dimensional structures. The excellent features, such as high specificity and affinity for target proteins, small size, chemical stability, low immunogenicity, facile chemical synthesis, versatility in structural design and engineering, and accessible for site-specific modifications with functional moieties, make aptamers attractive molecules in the fields of clinical diagnostics and biopharmaceutical therapeutics. However, difficulties in purification and structural identification of aptamers remain a major impediment to their broad clinical application. In this mini-review, we present the recently attractive developments regarding the purification and identification of aptamers. We also discuss the advantages, limitations, and prospects for the major methods applied in purifying and identifying aptamers, which could facilitate the application of aptamers.


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