H�lder continuity of harmonic maps from Riemannian polyhedra to spaces of upper bounded curvature

Bent Fuglede
April 2003
Calculus of Variations & Partial Differential Equations;Apr2003, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p375
Academic Journal
Abstract. This is an addendum to the recent Cambridge Tract "Harmonic maps between Riemannian polyhedra", by J. Eells and the present author. H�lder continuity of locally energy minimizing maps RMULA> from an admissible Riemannian polyhedron X to a complete geodesic space Y is established here in two cases: (1) Y is simply connected and has curvature $\leq 0$ (in the sense of A.D. Alexandrov), or (2) Y is locally compact and has curvature $\leq1$, say, and $\phi(X)$ is contained in a convex ball in Y satisfying bi-point uniqueness and of radius $R<\pi/2$ (best possible). With Y a Riemannian polyhedron, and $R<\pi/4$ in case (2), this was established in the book mentioned above, though with H�lder continuity taken in a weaker, pointwise sense. For X a Riemannian manifold the stated results are due to N.J. Korevaar and R.M. Schoen, resp. T. Serbinowski.


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