Munich Efforts To Search For Proton Radioactivity In Beam

Faestermann, Thomas
June 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 518 Issue 1, p24
Academic Journal
This report will cover four topics: 1) The development of catcher techniques to detect shortlived particle radioactivities. With this setup proton emission from [sup113] Cs and [sup109] I has been observed for the first time (1983). Their slow decay rate has been realized and for the first time expressed in terms of a spectroscopic factor. 2) A discussion of various types of recoil separation schemes and experiments using an electrostatic deflector, which yielded improved decay data for [sup113] Cs and [sup109] I. 3) The production of proton rich nuclei by fragmentation of relativistic [sup124] Xe and [sup112] Sn ions at GSI and the determination of their decay properties. The beta-decay halflives of [sup105] Sb and [sup77] Y as well as of many other nuclei along the path of rp-process nucleosynthesis have been measured. In T[subz]=−&fracl2; nuclei proton decay has to compete with superallowed Fermi-decay, which is also observed for the T[subz]=0 odd-odd nuclei between [sup78]Y and [sup94]Ag. 4) A possible solution to the problem how to detect the proton decay of [sup39]Sc (S[subp]= −0.602 MeV, Ti[sub½]∼0.3 ps) and to measure ist half-life


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