Quasi-two-dimensional metallic hydrogen in diphosphide at a high pressure

Degtyarenko, N.; Mazur, E.
August 2016
Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Physics;Aug2016, Vol. 123 Issue 2, p277
Academic Journal
The structural, electronic, phonon, and other characteristics of the normal phases of phosphorus hydrides with stoichiometry PH are analyzed. The properties of the initial substance, namely, diphosphine are calculated. In contrast to phosphorus hydrides with stoichiometry PH, a quasi-two-dimensional phosphorus-stabilized lattice of metallic hydrogen can be formed in this substance during hydrostatic compression at a high pressure. The formed structure with H-P-H elements is shown to be locally stable in phonon spectrum, i.e., to be metastable. The properties of diphosphine are compared with the properties of similar structures of sulfur hydrides.


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