Magnetoluminescence properties of GaAsSbN/GaAs quantum well structures

Senger, R.T.; Bajaj, K.K.; Jones, E.D.; Modine, N.A.; Waldrip, K.E.; Jalali, F.; Klem, J.F.; Peake, G.M.; Wei, X.; Tozer, S.W.
December 2003
Applied Physics Letters;12/29/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 26, p5425
Academic Journal
We report a measurement of the variation of the diamagnetic shift of a heavy-hole exciton in a single coherently strained GaAs[sub 0.685]Sb[sub 0.3]N[sub 0.015]/GaAs quantum well as a function of magnetic field up to 32 T at 1.3 K using photoluminescence spectroscopy. The excitons are known to be localized in this alloy system. This localization is simulated by assuming that the hole is completely immobilized, i.e., its mass is infinite. Using this model we have calculated the variation of the diamagnetic shift with magnetic field in this quantum well structure following a variational approach. We find that the observed variation of the diamagnetic shift with magnetic field agrees quite well with that calculated when the mass of the conduction electron in the well is assumed to be 0.09 m[sub 0], about 50% larger than in GaAs[sub 0.7]Sb[sub 0.3], an increase similar to that found in GaAsN for the same nitrogen composition. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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