Epitaxial growth of SrTiO[sub 3] films on CeO[sub 2]/yttria-stabilized zirconia/Si(001) with TiO[sub 2] atomic layer by pulsed-laser deposition

Yamada, Tomoaki; Wakiya, Naoki; Shinozaki, Kazuo; Mizutani, Nobuyasu
December 2003
Applied Physics Letters;12/8/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 23, p4815
Academic Journal
Epitaxial SrTiO[sub 3] (STO) films were fabricated on CeO[sub 2]/yttria-stabilized zirconia(YSZ)/Si(001) substrates by the insertion of a TiO[sub 2] atomic layer by pulsed-laser deposition. X-ray diffraction and reflection high-energy electron diffraction showed that epitaxial STO films with different out-of-plane orientations have been obtained by controlling the thickness of the TiO[sub 2] atomic layer. A stoichiometric STO film directly deposited on CeO[sub 2]/YSZ/Si was preferentially (110) oriented with a STO[110]∥CeO[sub 2][100] epitaxial relationship. On the other hand, 1 monolayer (ML) TiO[sub 2]-covered CeO[sub 2]/YSZ/Si resulted in STO(001) film epitaxially growth with a STO[110]∥CeO[sub 2][100] relationship. However, as the TiO[sub 2] thickness exceeded 1 ML, the orientation of STO film drastically changed to (111) orientation having a STO[011]∥CeO[sub 2][100] epitaxial relationship. These results indicate that the atomic layer thickness dramatically controls the film epitaxial growth. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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