Adapted metrics and Webster curvature in Finslerian 2-dimensional geometry

Crasmareanu, Mircea
May 2016
Chinese Annals of Mathematics;May2016, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p419
Academic Journal
The Webster scalar curvature is computed for the sphere bundle T S of a Finsler surface ( S, F) subject to the Chern-Hamilton notion of adapted metrics. As an application, it is derived that in this setting ( T S, g) is a Sasakian manifold homothetic with a generalized Berger sphere, and that a natural Cartan structure is arising from the horizontal 1-forms and the author associates a non-Einstein pseudo-Hermitian structure. Also, one studies when the Sasaki type metric of T S is generally adapted to the natural co-frame provided by the Finsler structure.


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