Introduction of MKZP (Min Ku Zirconium Process) as an alternative to pyroprocessing for used nuclear fuel management

Jeon, Min; Hur, Jin; Ahn, Do-Hee
May 2016
Journal of Radioanalytical & Nuclear Chemistry;May2016, Vol. 308 Issue 2, p747
Academic Journal
A new process to co-recover uranium and transuranic nuclides from used nuclear fuels was introduced, which was named 'MKZP' (Min Ku Zirconium Process), as an alternative of widely known pyroprocessing. Instead of an electrochemical reduction of the pyroprocessing, the MKZP employs Zr and ZrCl as reactants to chemically convert UO into UCl, which leads to a significant advantage in total number of processes. An addition of fresh zirconium can be minimized by employing cladding hull waste as a source of zirconium tetrachloride through a chlorination process.


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