Inductive measurements of third-harmonic voltage and critical current density in bulk superconductors

Mawatari, Yasunori; Yamasaki, Hirofumi; Nakagawa, Yoshihiko
November 2003
Applied Physics Letters;11/10/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 19, p3972
Academic Journal
We propose an inductive method to measure critical current density J[sub c] in bulk superconductors. In this method, an ac magnetic field is generated by a drive current I[sub 0] flowing in a small coil mounted just above the flat surface of superconductors, and the third-harmonic voltage V[sub 3] induced in the coil is detected. We present theoretical calculation based on the critical state model for the ac response of bulk superconductors, and we show that the third-harmonic voltage detected in the inductive measurements is expressed as V[sub 3]=G[sub 3]ωI[sub 0][sup 2]/J[sub c], where ω/2π is the frequency of the drive current, and G[sub 3] is a factor determined by the configuration of the coil. We measured the I[sub 0]–V[sub 3] curves of a melt-textured YBa[sub 2]Cu[sub 3]O[sub 7-δ] bulk sample, and evaluated the J[sub c] by using the theoretical results. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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