Locking of electric-field-induced non-180° domain switching and phase transition in ferroelectric materials upon cyclic electric fatigue

Ming Liu; Hsia, K. Jimmy
November 2003
Applied Physics Letters;11/10/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 19, p3978
Academic Journal
In situ x-ray diffraction measurements are conducted on a polycrystalline ferroelectric material lead-zironate-titanate-5H at different levels of static electric field. The locking of electric-field-induced non-180° domain switching and phase transition after experiencing cyclic electric field is investigated by examining the changes in pseudocubic diffraction profiles. The results show that cyclic electric field with an amplitude lower than the coercive field has little effect on ferroelectric fatigue of the material, whereas cyclic field with an amplitude above the coercive field results in nearly complete locking of non-180° domain switching and phase transition. The results also demonstrate that the locking occurs rather suddenly after 10[sup 3]–10[sup 4] cycles. This locking phenomenon can explain the dramatic change in piezoelectric coefficients in these materials upon cyclic electric field. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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