Temperature-dependent optical studies of Ti[sub 1-x]Co[sub x]O[sub 2]

Guha, S.; Ghosh, K.; Keeth, J. G.; Ogale, S. B.; Shinde, S. R.; Simpson, J. R.; Drew, H. D.; Venkatesan, T.
October 2003
Applied Physics Letters;10/20/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 16, p3296
Academic Journal
We present the results of Raman and photoluminescence studies on epitaxial anatase phase Ti[sub 1-x]Co[sub x]O[sub 2] films for x=0–0.07, grown by pulsed-laser deposition. The low-doped system (x=0.01 and 0.02) shows a Curie temperature of 700 K in the as-grown state. The Raman spectra from the doped and undoped films confirm their anatase phase. The photoluminescence spectrum is characterized by a broad emission from self-trapped excitons (STE) at 2.3 eV at temperatures below 120 K. This peak is characteristic of the anatase-phase TiO[sub 2] and shows a small blueshift with increasing doping concentration. The Co-doped samples show two spin-flip emission lines at 2.77 and 2.94 eV. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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