Non-linear non-local molecular electrodynamics with nano-optical fields

Chernyak, Vladimir Y.; Saurabh, Prasoon; Mukamel, Shaul
October 2015
Journal of Chemical Physics;2015, Vol. 143 Issue 16, p1
Academic Journal
The interaction of optical fields sculpted on the nano-scale with matter may not be described by the dipole approximation since the fields may vary appreciably across the molecular length scale. Rather than incrementally adding higher multipoles, it is advantageous and more physically transparent to describe the optical process using non-local response functions that intrinsically include all multipoles. We present a semi-classical approach for calculating non-local response functions based on the minimal coupling Hamiltonian. The first, second, and third order response functions are expressed in terms of correlation functions of the charge and the current densities. This approach is based on the gauge invariant current rather than the polarization, and on the vector potential rather than the electric and magnetic fields.


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