Isolation and characterization of 15 microsatellite loci for Ophicephalus argus cantor

Xiao, M.; Xia, H.; Bao, F.
October 2015
Russian Journal of Genetics;Oct2015, Vol. 51 Issue 10, p1044
Academic Journal
The isolation and development of 15 polymorphic dinucleotide microsatellite loci were described for Ophicephalus argus from the Huaihe River. All loci were polymorphic in the 30 individuals tested. The number of alleles per variable locus ranged from nine to seventeen, with a mean of 12.00. These novel microsatellite loci showed high level of polymorphism. Observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.793 to 0.929 and from 0.841 to 0.952, respectively. Two loci were found deviated from HWE in the sampled population after Bonferroni correction. These microsatellite loci will be useful for revealing population structure, genetic diversity, and phylogeography of Ophicephalus argus.


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