Липська, А. І.; Ніколаєв, В. І.; Шитюк, В. А.; Куліч, Н. В.
September 2015
Nuclear Physics & Atomic Energy;2015, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p282
Academic Journal
Distribution of radionuclides in the vertical soil profile on the nearest Chernobyl NPP zone of alienation was investigated. Experimentally showed that the main activity of radionuclides is concentrated in the topsoil (10 сm). Coefficients of radionuclides accumulation of 137Cs and 90Sr by plants are estimated. The physico-chemical forms of radionuclides in soil and plants were defined using the method of sequential chemical extraction. It was established that the main content of 137Cs and 90Sr in soils are represented in non-exchange and fixed forms, in plants - mainly in exchangeadsorption and organic forms.


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