Pyrolysis Kinetics of PA66/CB

Dehui Guo; Xiao Wang; Hairong Jiang; Guochun Chen; Zhang Yan; Huixia Liu
January 2016
Key Engineering Materials;2016, Vol. 667, p308
Academic Journal
The pyrolysis kinetics parameters of material had an great importance on estimating material degradation during laser transmission welding. The PA66/CB was produced using a twin-screw extruder, and thermogravimetric experiment of PA66/CB was performed at different heating rate of 5, 10, 15 and 20 °c/min, then the pyrolsis behavior and pyrolysis kinetics parameters of material were investigated based on the Kissinger, Starink and Freeman-Carroll three methods. The results showed that the pyrolsis process of PA66/CB was one step reaction. With the increase of heating rate, the initial reaction temperature and final pyrolsis temperature of TG curve and the peak temperature of DTG curve were shift to higher temperature. Temperature hysteresis was appeared but the final pyrolsis rate was not affected by heating rate. The activation energy on the biggest pyrolsis rate was not affected by the addition of carbon black. The activation energy calculated using Starink method was increased by the increase of conversion rate. The activation energy calculated using Freeman-Carroll method was bigger than Kissinger and Starink methods. The activation energy was calculated using Freeman-Carroll method, then using the nth model, and the pyrolsis kinetic equation was expressed as: dα/dt = 2.053×1019[exp(-245.32×103/RT)](1-α)2.22.


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