Cation-active photochromic molecular swithches based on acylated enamino ketones of benzo[ b]thiophene series

Dubonosov, A.; Tikhomirova, K.; Shepelenko, E.; Makarova, N.; Bren', Zh.; Dmitrieva, O.; Bren', V.; Minkin, V.
August 2015
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry;Aug2015, Vol. 51 Issue 8, p1096
Academic Journal
Benzo-12-crown-4-containing 2-( N-acyl- N-arylaminomethylidene)benzo[ b]thiophene-3(2 H)-ones possess the properties of molecular switches based on the photo-initiated Z/E-isomerization with respect to the exocyclic C=C bond followed by a fast thermal N→O migration of the acyl groups (φ 0.19-0.22). In the presence of lithium cation whose diameter suits the best the cavity of 12-crown-4 ether an efficient complex formation is observed resulting in essential growth of the quantum yields of the N→O migration of the acyl groups (φ 0.58-0.63).


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