Ultrahigh magnetic field sensitivity in laminates of TERFENOL-D and Pb(Mg[sub 1/3]Nb[sub 2/3])O[sub 3]–PbTiO[sub 3] crystals

Shuxiang Dong; Jie-Fang Li; Viehland, D.
September 2003
Applied Physics Letters;9/15/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 11, p2265
Academic Journal
It has been found that laminate composites of longitudinally magnetized magnetostrictive TERFENOL-D and a transversely poled piezoelectric Pb(Mg[sub 1/3]Nb[sub 2/3])O[sub 3]–PbTiO[sub 3] crystal have extremely high magnetic field sensitivity. At room temperature, an output voltage with an exceptionally good linear response to an ac magnetic field H[sub ac] was found over the range of 10[sup -11]


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