Properties of lanthanum-doped Bi[sub 4]Ti[sub 3]O[sub 12]–SrBi[sub 4]Ti[sub 4]O[sub 15] intergrowth ferroelectrics

Jun Zhu; Xiao-bing Chen; Wang-Ping Lu; Xiang-Yu Mao; Rong Hui
September 2003
Applied Physics Letters;9/1/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 9, p1818
Academic Journal
Lanthanum-doped intergrowth ferroelectrics, (Bi,La)[sub 4]Ti[sub 3]O[sub 12]–Sr(Bi,La)[sub 4]Ti[sub 4]O[sub 15] [BLT–SBLT(x)], have been prepared. It is found that the remnant polarization (2P[sub r]) of Bi[sub 4]Ti[sub 3]O[sub 12]–SrBi[sub 4]Ti[sub 4]O[sub 15] (BIT–SBTi) is enlarged. The 2P[sub r] of BLT–SBLT(0.50) has a maximum value of 25.6 μC/cm[sup 2]. Assuming that the Curie temperature of BLT–SBLT(x) is the average value of the two constituents, La content in both BLT and SBLT can be estimated on the basis of the fact that the crystal structure of BLT–SBLT(x) is not affected by doping. The result shows that when x is not larger than 1.25, La content in BIT is higher than that in SBTi, but when x is 1.50, La content in SBTi is higher. It coincides with the variation of d[sub (118)] and the relaxation characteristics of BLT–SBLT(1.50). © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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