Anomalous temperature dependence of coercivity in precipitation hardened Pr–Co–Cu–Ti magnets

Jian Zhang; Hui Liu; Chuan-bin Rong, C.H.; Hong-wei Zhang; Shao-ying Zhang; Bao-gen Shen; Yuan-qiang Bai, C.H.; Bao-he Li, C.H.
August 2003
Applied Physics Letters;8/11/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 6, p1172
Academic Journal
The anomalous temperature dependence of coercicity, H[sub c](T), has been observed in precipitation hardened PrCo[sub 6.7-x]Cu[sub x]Ti[sub 0.3] (x=0.2–1) magnets. Transmission electron microscopy reveals that they exhibit a cellular microstructure. With an increase of Cu content, the Curie temperature of the 2:17 phase remains nearly unchanged whereas that of the 1:5 phase decreases. The peak of H[sub c](T) becomes higher, broader and shifts towards low temperature while the room temperature coercivity remains low and does not change with an increase of Cu content. There is a strong correlation between the Curie temperature of the 1:5 phase and the peak of H[sub c](T). The effect of Cu on H[sub c](T) cannot be explained by a traditional domain wall pinning model. It is highly likely that their magnetization reversal is controlled by the nucleation of reverse domains in isolated 2:17 cells. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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