Effect of Post-Heat Treatment on the Critical Current Density of NbAl Superconductor

Li, Ping-yuan; Zhang, Xiao-lan; Yang, Da-wei; Yang, Su-hua; Pan, Xi-feng; Yan, Guo; Zhang, Yong; Feng, Yong; Zhao, Yong
June 2015
Journal of Superconductivity & Novel Magnetism;Jun2015, Vol. 28 Issue 6, p1719
Academic Journal
The achievement of stoichiometry is very important for NbAl superconductor with excellent properties. A rapid heating, quenching, and transformation method is efficient to achieve stoichiometric NbAl superconducting wires, and supersaturated solid solution phase was transformed to NbAl in the transformation process with a post-annealing temperature between 800° to 900 °C and for 10 h. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that the NbAl wires were of pure NbAl phase with a superconducting transition temperature about 18 K. Experimental results further showed that superconducting transition width was narrowed by quenching process after post-annealing. For the typical samples, the H( T) was determined from the onset transitions of the M- Tcurves under various applied fields and the H(0) value was extrapolated to be about 35 T. A significantly high J value under a magnetic field up to 9 T and at 8 K was observed. The pinning behavior of the NbAl wires was also discussed.


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