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April 2015
Daily Mail;4/27/2015, p41
HAVING read the letter by Geoff Bourke about the Irish language (Mail, April 23), I would like to respond. Also, I would like to endorse Mary Carr's views ('Why don't we teach languages properly instead of enriching the Gaeltacht tycoons at €900 per student?').


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    Objective: To explore the effect of cytosolic phospholipase A2α (cPLA2α) on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell adhesion and the underlying mechanisms. Methods: Cell adhesion, detachment, and hanging-drop assays were utilized to examine the effect of cPLA2α on the cell-matrix and...

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  • It's Barry McGaeilgeoir.  // Daily Mail;9/26/2012, p57 

    HAVING been linked to silver medallist John Joe Nevin, Irish boxing legend Barry McGuigan was playing his cards close to his chest when questioned about his interests in any Olympians who may turn pro. The Clones Cyclone jabbed away media queries with an c�pla focal.


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