Magnetization configuration and switching behavior of submicron NiFe elements: Pac-man shape

Park, M. H.; Hong, Y. K.; Gee, S. H.; Erickson, D. W.; Choi, B. C.
July 2003
Applied Physics Letters;7/14/2003, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p329
Academic Journal
Two types of submicron permalloy element, namely Pac-man, were investigated by a magnetic force microscope for magnetization configuration and switching behaviors. Two distinct domain configurations, bidomain for Pac-man type I and single domain for Pac-man type II, were observed in arrays of Pac-man elements. The domain configuration depends on the slot angle for the Pac-man type I, but is independent of the slot angle for the Pac-man type II. Array of Pac-man elements with a slot angle of 180° shows the highest switching field and the narrowest switching field distribution, as compared to rectangular and hexagonal elements of the same overall dimensions.


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