August 1997
Clinical & Investigative Medicine;Aug97 Supplement, Vol. 20, pS40
Academic Journal
Presents an abstract of the research manuscript `Characterization of ionic currents in rat mesenteric resistance artery smooth muscle cells,' by G.J. Waldron, K.A. Loutzenhiser et al from the University of Calgary. Ion channels.


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  • Kcne4 Deletion Sex-Dependently Alters Vascular Reactivity. abbott, Geoffrey W.; Jepps, Thomas a. // Journal of Vascular Research;Dec2016, Vol. 53 Issue 3-4, p138 

    Voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels formed by Kv7 (KCNQ) α-subunits are recognized as crucial for vascular smooth muscle function, in addition to their established roles in the heart (Kv7.1) and the brain (Kv7.2-5). In vivo, Kv7 α-subunits are often regulated by KCNE subfamily ancillary...

  • Developmental changes in the functional characteristics and expression of voltage-gated K+ channel currents in rat aortic myocytes Belevych, Andriy E.; Beck, Richard; Tammaro, Paolo; Poston, Lucilla; Smirnov, Sergey V. // Cardiovascular Research;Apr2002, Vol. 54 Issue 1, p152 

    Objective: Active control of the arterial diameter by vascular smooth muscle is one of the principle mechanisms by which vessels adapt to a significant rise in blood pressure after birth. Although voltage-gated K+ (Kv) channels play an important role in the regulation of...

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    Investigates the effect of extracellular hydrogen-ion concentration (pH) on intracellular pH in arterioles and skeletal muscle. Variation on the pH of arterioles; Observation on the V[sub max] and K[sub m] of H[sup +] transport; Hill coefficient for H[sup +] transport.

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    Background: Leptin induces relaxation of vascular smooth muscle through an endothelium-dependent release of nitric oxide (EDNO) and administration of a high-salt diet reduces the relaxation of vessels to EDNO. We would, therefore, predict that salt loading would reduce the leptin-induced...

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    In smooth muscles, inhibition of Na+,K+,2Cl- cotransport (NKCC) by bumetanide decreased intracellular Cl- content ([Cl-]i) and suppressed the contractions triggered by diverse stimuli. This study examines whether or not bicarbonate, a regulator of several Cl- transporters, affects the impact of...

  • Differential Regulation and Recovery of Intracellular Ca2+ in Cerebral and Small Mesenteric Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells of Simulated Microgravity Rat. Jun-Hui Xue; Lian-Hong Chen; Hua-Zhou Zhao; Yong-Dong Pu; Han-Zhong Feng; Yu-Guang Ma; Jin Ma; Yao-Ming Chang; Zuo-Ming Zhang; Man-Jiang Xie // PLoS ONE;2011, Vol. 6 Issue 5, p1 

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    We tested the hypothesis that an elevated potassium-42 ([sup 42] K[sup +] ) efflux (highly dependent on Ca[sup 2+] ) and an increase in the sensitivity of contraction and [sup 42] K[sup +] efflux to norepinephrine (NE) in conduit arteries of aldosterone-salt hypertensive rats (AHR) exended to...

  • The Role of L- and T-Type Calcium Channels in Local and Remote Calcium Responses in Rat Mesenteric Terminal Arterioles. Braunstein, Thomas Hartig; Inoue, Ryuji; Cribbs, Leanne; Oike, Masahiro; Ito, Yushi; Holstein-Rathlou, Niels-Henrik; Jensen, Lars Jørn // Journal of Vascular Research;2009, Vol. 46 Issue 2, p138 

    Background/Aims: The roles of intercellular communication and T-type versus L-type voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (VDCCs) in conducted vasoconstriction to local KCl-induced depolarization were investigated in mesenteric arterioles. Methods: Ratiometric Ca2+ imaging (R) using Fura-PE3 with...


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